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XBRL International

XBRL International is a global, not-for-profit consortium working through the XBRL Standard to improve business reporting for the public good. We are a member supported organisation, with dedicated volunteers from all over the world offering their time and expertise to develop specifications to support the collection, sharing and use of structured data for data reporting and analysis.

XBRL specifications

XBRL allows the definition, preparation and exchange of reporting information across organisational boundaries. It does so in a manner that can be validated at every point in the process. This is made possible through a number of interrelated technical specifications. This section of the www.xbrl.org site is aimed at software developers looking to work directly with the XBRL Standard.

XBRL Jurisdictions

XBRL International encourages the development of local consortia called Jurisdictions. These — generally national — entities are recognized by XBRL International as the official representatives from their country to the international consortium, and typically work collaboratively on the adoption of XBRL for business reporting, taxonomy development and on providing education and training, depending on the requirements.

XBRL Glossary

EDGAR Company Filings

The SEC’s (U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION) EDGAR database provides free public access to corporate information, allowing you to quickly research a company’s financial information and operations by reviewing registration statements, prospectuses and periodic reports filed on Forms 10-K and 10-Q. You also can find information about recent corporate events reported on Form 8-K but that a company does not have to disclose to investors. EDGAR database provides free access to more than 20 million filings.

Inline XBRL

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