SXV XBRL Viewer — The XBRL taxonomy and instance viewer

Until now, viewing XBRL documents has been very difficult. SXV XBRL Viewer is the solution to working with XBRL taxonomies and
instance documents in a way easily understandable by finance and accounting professionalSXV XBRL Viewers.

SXV lets you view XBRL information without being
exposed to the technical complexity sometimes associated with XBRL. With robust viewing and display options, you can view XBRL information any way you want to.

Specific features include:

  • Open any XBRL 2.1 compliant document
  • Display information quickly and easily
  • Drill into taxonomy and instance document supporting information
  • Export XBRL data to Microsoft Excel


Download link (Windows, ver. 0.1.1)